Commercial Reverse Osmosis -SWCRO001


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Commercial Reverse Osmosis System for water purification, with capacities ranging from 100 GPD (gallons per day) to 40,000 GPD in a single module, as well as up to 250,000 GPD for residential, military, and industrial applications, are designed and manufactured by Sai Water USA.

Robust components, 8″ spiral wound membranes, sophisticated control panels, industrial water pumps, and corrosion resistant components are used in the construction of Commercial Reverse Osmosis System. The following are the perfect uses for an industrial RO water filter system such as Pre-treatment EDI, Use Rinse Water, Water for Pharmaceutical Boiler Feeding, Systems for Purifying Water in Lab Settings, Mixing of Chemicals, Towers for cooling, Pre-treatment with Ion Exchange, Storm water Management, Treatment of Well Water, Food and Drink Ice Production, Treatment of Refinery Water, Elimination of Nitrate in Water for Electronics and Metal Finishing, Mining Sector, Production of Beverages and Bottled Water and Rinse Product Without Spots.


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